Personal Protection Dog


We want your puppy to become an optimal, well loved, and successful member of your family.  While most people will only use their dog as a family pet and never encounter a situation where they need their dog to protect their family, we do recognize the benefit of having the deterrence and protection when needed from a dog.  In today’s uncertain world, we do not know when a buyer’s family will need the protection of their dog.  We chose to breed German Shepherds because they can be loving pets while also providing a measure of deterrence and protection in today’s dangerous world.  Further, German Shepherds can be trained to serve as personal protection dogs—the highest and most sophisticated form of “guard dog”.   Consequently, we invest in elite breeding stock to provide our buyers with world class genetics and unrivaled potential which few other area breeders can offer.  The male stud we use for our German Shepherd Breeding Program in conjunction with Cornell University’s vet school is Quantum The Boom—an IPO 3 personal protection dog.   He was the youngest dog born in America to achieve the IPO 3 rating.  Personal Protection Dogs are extremely expensive (prices often range from $50,000 to $100,000) because they are typically bred for celebrities or the wealthy. They have heightened senses, keen intelligence, and immense physical abilities.   Our dog, Quantum, was under consideration to be bought by the CEO of a fortune 500 company at the time we acquired him.  While these price levels are high, we believe it is worth the investment because we know someday the safety of your family may depend on what you dog does or does not do at a critical moment.  Quantum is fast, powerful, and athletic, but what makes him truly special is his intelligence.  Intelligence is the basis for all successful traits in a dog.  A personal protection dog is far more than a mean junkyard dog, police dog, or military dog.   Such a dog must be bred from known bloodlines with high intelligence so the dog can make good quick decisions in addition to being physically touch.  He must avoid distraction and not over react in situations where no true threat exists.  A well trained personal protection will stay on task until the appropriate command is given.  The dog will be a friendly family pet in many settings including around strangers and is not dangerous to others under nonthreatening conditions.  He will not be a threat to your family or friends, but, on command or when he perceives a threat to his family, he will become fierce protector.  Once combat begins, the protection dog will not let go of the bad guy even if the bad guy beats him.  Quantum is trained to ignore his own pain for the benefit of your family in a risk laden situation.  Conversely, he will not attack even if provoked UNTIL the command is given or a member of his family is attacked. Quantum is incredibly fast, powerful and athletic in ways it is hard to describe in words.   Additionally, Quantum has robust health with Hips/Elbow certified to A1 (excellent) and is free from DM which means your puppy and its offspring are highly unlikely to suffer from the disease.  Typically we pair Quantum with females imported from Europe blessed with outstanding pedigrees whose parents and grandparents often have SchH3/IPO 3 certification and hips/elbows which are A1 (0/0) excellent.  Intelligence and good health provide a solid foundation which will allow you to train your dog to be anything from a loving family pet, working dog, personal protection dog, or any combination thereof.   A German Shepherd puppy purchased from The Canine Breeders Estate is highly likely to have both the intellectual and physical traits to be trained to become a personal protection dog.