We offer a variety of dogs to give our buyers choices!

At The Canine Breeders Estate, we recognize that our buyers have different preferences and goals when seeking a dog.  We emphasize outstanding genetics, intelligence and health so your puppy can grow to be anything you desire from a loving family pet, to a working dog, to a personal protection dog,  or any combination thereof.  Further, we offer a variety of dogs to give our buyers choices.  The German Shepherd Dog makes a great and loving family pet, but can also add protection to your family for our customers who would like to enhance security around their home.  We have large, medium and somewhat smaller German Shepherds so that our buyers can find a size GSD which best fits their needs.  We also have different color GSD including jet black, black & tan sable, and red sable.  We have West German, Czech Republic, and American born dogs.  TCBE also sells French Bulldogs for purchasers who want a loving family pet, but find their desire is for a smaller dog in the 25 pound range.  While the Frenchies don’t offer the same protection as the GSD, they are an extremely friendly and fun loving family pet.  We invite you to peruse our selection and contact Tara (315 418 0772) if we can help you further.

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